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To use Ohmsmium24's TCR mode

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  • To use Ohmsmium24's TCR mode

    Hi, I'm Dice in Japan.
    I got Ohmsmium24 and be loving this! Thank you Asmodus!

    I have some question to use TCR mode on it after read manual and use few days.

    1) When using SS316, the MOD couldn't burn correctly. (Fire is so weak or stop soon)
    Then I press "+" and "Puff", I can see the parameter of SS TCR, but I cannot understand what number meaning.
    (Default is "9".)

    I used 0.5Ω pre-made coil and try to change some ℉ from 430 to 550. W is 15-25w.
    When VW mode, it's worked.

    2) How can I lock Ω on TCR mode?
    When I'm vaping many times, the # of Ω will change on screen.
    Many of devices what can use TCR-mode have Ω lock function, so I think Ohmsmium24 have same function too but couldn't find.

    Best regards,