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ASMODUS Minikin2 - Is battery indicator functioning correctly?

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  • ASMODUS Minikin2 - Is battery indicator functioning correctly?


    I have an authentic Minikin2, this is my first dual battery mod and I am just wondering how the batteries are drained.

    Are they suppose to drain at the same time? Or does one get drained first and then the other?

    Reason I ask is because it appears from the LED indicator that one battery is draining first.

    My batteries are married as I charge both batteries at the same time in a dual NiteCore charger. My batteries are authentic LG HG2 20A 3000mAh batteries.

    I have tried two completely different batteries being of the same type and notice the same thing happening on this mod.

    The mod appears to work fine as I am not noticing anything strange while vaping. The only thing that strikes me as odd is the battery indicator.

    Is what I am seeing normal with the battery indicators?

    Kindly advise.

    Battery Indicators

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    No, they should be discharging at (nearly) the same rate. Nearly meaning just a very small difference, if any. My guess is that you haven't been rotating your batteries after charging them and it's causing the one battery to discharge faster and that's not a good thing, it can be dangerous & is the reason we marry to begin with. Marry and rotate. Use a Sharpie marker and mark them so you know which goes where after charging (I've found it's easier to switch them after removing from my mod and charging them then I know left goes in left and right into right) Hope that helps!