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Minikin Reborn Coil and Tank Issues

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  • Minikin Reborn Coil and Tank Issues

    I have two issues. The coil and the tank.

    1. I have a Minikin Reborn with the Asmodus Ohmie tank. I have had the mod and tank for about 2 months. Been through 8 coils, each lasting between 150-400 seconds. I have used it in all the modes and still the same result, the coil wire completely burning black, way before the cotton discolours.

    The last 3 I have used in power mode, soft and watts set to 50 (recommended wattage is 40-60 watts). The local supplier I bought it from advised that the Asmodus coils are of poor quality consistency in the batches, hence I must have just been "unlucky". The last coil I have currently in is from a new batch and this burnt out in 400 seconds. The product is legit, I authenticated it on the website.

    2. Also the tank I have leaves liquid between the mod and tank, an actual layer, during normal usage. When I blow into the tank, when I get that bubble back, liquid runs out on to the mod. The local supplier advised that it is normal for liquid to accumulate under the tank on the mod. Other vapes I have seen don't do this at all, even the Asmodus Minikin 2 and the SWAG vaporesso with the same bottom aspirated tanks.

    I updated the firmware on the mod to v14 for Minikin Reborn, and this didn't fix anything.

    Please advise the smoke is not nice. What should I do?