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  • Minikin V2 (DETAILED REVIEW)

    Awesome Mod when I first got it, responded well, the ramp up was nice(good for heating up coils fast), color, ergonomic design, the button everything on it looks amazing... but after 2 months of use it's shutting down unexpectedly, cannot for any reason get it to work, have not been addressed by a technician from Asmodus at all. Is it worth the 90$? Certainly not, a mod this expensive with no atomizer included, lots of firmware issues, chipset issues(like mine). I would not recommend any mod from this company at all, they don't seem to be addressing these problems fast or even try to compensate us consumers. It's incredible that I paid this much for a Mod that only lasted me 2 months, an being advertised of a superior chipset they implemented as anti-corrosive, anti-moisture, and anti-dust.

    I've opened this Minikin V2 yesterday because it would not turn on and it was juice free... it's pretty damn-well sealed but still how did it just stopped not turning on? Not sure.

    so for my final conclusion on this mod, looks amazing, performs amazing but no durability and lots of programming issues. It's not worth the money, I have an Alien 220w and it's much older than this Minikin V2 and it's still performing great... so yeah sorry Asmodus, but I am so disappointed in this Minikin V2 that I had to express myself in the most honest way I could.

    I suggest you guys get deeper into this, sure maybe some people has had it over a year, but what's the point if 10 out of 40 people that bought this mod works just fine?

    Also the chipset is for 60 dollars, that's expensive just for the chipset.

    here's photos of the mod itself so yoh people can judge if I wasn't careless with this mod.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I hate when stuff works perfectly, but for a very short period of time.